Eating out in Richmond, VA (Whole 30 & Plant Paradox compliant)

As I mentioned, we went to Richmond, VA recently for a business conference.  While I did pack the usual assortment of snacks and dehydrated meals which were compliant with both the Whole 30 and Plant Paradox programs, we ended up eating out a couple of times.   It can take some time and effort to find restaurants which focus on offering ingredients from local farms–the good news is that they are out there.  Because so many people are becoming more aware of the importance of having quality ingredients which are also locally harvested and humanely raised, the number of restaurants catering to this concept is growing.  In addition to that, any quality restaurant will be happy to accommodate special requests, to which we always have “many!”  LOL

In our recent experience, we went to a restaurant called The Boathouse.  We started with salads, which you can see in the photos above.  The one on the left was the Organic Spinach Salad.  The ingredient list was:  pears, tomatoes, gorgonzola, and candied pecans with balsamic vinaigrette.  To make it both Whole 30 and Plant Paradox compliant I eliminated the cheese completely, and replaced the candied pecans with plain pecans instead.  (For the PP program I should have eliminated the tomatoes, but I forgot to ask. Oops! If that happens, I usually just set the item off to the side.)

The second salad was the Tuscan Kale Salad.  (This was Ed’s choice.)  It contained radicchio, carrot, radish, broccoli, apples, and dried cranberries with poppy seed vinaigrette.  Since his primary focus is to be sure it was gluten free, he placed the order exactly as it was described on the menu.  Both salads were delicious!

We started talking about various things when the entrée arrived, and I’m sorry to say we were so distracted, I forgot to take pictures of the main meal until we started eating it!  Oops again.  I have had that happen a number of times during the start of this blog.  Especially when eating out.  Sometimes, if the food take a while to arrive, we get so hungry, we dive right in.  But I will keep working on taking more photos and explaining how easy it can be to have great compliant meals at home and away.  So please, stay tuned for more to come.  And enjoy our journey as you navigate your own!


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